Agile and PMBOK

January 7, 2009

I’m reading a PM book on how to apply PMI principles and practices to teams using agile software development methods. The book is “The Software Project Manager’s Bridge to Agility”. The authors spend a few chapters on what Agile is and then spend most of the book on how to map the PMBOK guide to agile practices. I’m 1/3 into the book, so far the authors have done a good job on describing agile. My previous employer was implementing Scrum in R&D which is the reason I am interested in the subject. My experience with PMBOK is it’s not especially relevent to software development projects. I’m hoping this book will help guide me on how to combine PMBOK and agile methods/tools.

I haven’t gotten into how the mapping works and would like to hear from anyone else who’s read the book, was it worth the read.


Strategic PMO

December 15, 2008

Is your Program Management Office strategic? Does your PMO report directly to a C-Level position?

In my last job, the PMO was organized in R&D, reporting to a director-level position. My question is why wasn’t the PMO working with senior management on all company projects, why only R&D. I would suggest that in order for a company to meet their operational and strategic goals, consistent project management processes and principles need to be applied across the organization. This should open up communication between departments and reduce the “silo” effect seen in most companies.